Logo Design

Logo Design

Illustrative Logo Design

Illustrative logos will stand out from the crowd being a small piece of art customised to your needs and business. This style does require more man hours, however the wait is worth it.
There are three methods that may be used to produce these, hand rendering, digital painting and high end vector art. Each has their pros and cons, Hand rendered while delicate and beautiful lacks the ability to be resized larger, Digital painting may be resized to approximately double the original size and high end vector art comes with hefty file sizes but can be resized as large as you wish.

Mark Design

Mark designs are all about the image, fantastic at being instantly recognised by returning clientele. If your looking for a logo that’s all about the image and not so much the text, this is the style for you.

Logotype Design

If simple and elegant type is your idea of a great logo this is the style for you, it’s all about the lettering. perfect for both vintage and corporate feels depending on the font selected. The designs are endless.